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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems Development and Integration

Our Spicore Technologies Content Management Systems (CMS) for websites give you complete control over your website allowing you to keep it fresh and up to date. With the ability to add and remove pages, paragraphs, images and text styles from anywhere in the world, it can become a major asset for your company to keep your site constantly up-to-date.

Custom Content Managment Systems

The use of a newly design Content Management System is easy. There are never any additional programs or complicated plug-ins to install. Simply use your Internet browser to access your own secure web-based interface and make the additions and changes to your website as needed.
Our content management systems are intuitive and menu-driven. They are designed to allow you or your staff to change or update any elements of your site - quickly, easily and whenever you like. There is no need to be dependent on a website design company or learn HTML to take advantage of the range of options at your disposal. All that is required of you is to enter text into relevant windows or to select from options in drop-down lists.
As a companies website becomes a larger part of a businesses everyday existence, it has become standard practice for clients to maintain the content on their websites, intranets and extranets themselves using a Content Management System (CMS).

Advantages of Content Managment Systems (CMS)

The real advantage of utilizing an advanced Content Management System (CMS) is it allows employees to update just about anything on the site as quickly as they could have typed an email to their web designer to do the update for them.

Spicore Technologies has developed a scalable content management solution that enables clients to easily update existing content and add new sections to their site through an intuitive interface.

Our CMS allows addition, deletion and amendments to:

  • text
  • imagery
  • navigation
  • entire pages and sections
  • animations
  • site maps
  • user and administrator management

The CMS achieves all of this whilst retaining an overall structure to the site and restricting the design and layout of each page to ensure brand representation is consistently maintained. The CMS is designed to allow those changes that you want to be made easily without jeopardizing the layout and structure of the entire site.

Our CMS allows individuals or groups of employees the right to maintain certain pages or areas of the site, while a restricted number of key individuals have the ability to check and send the revised content live. The solution is designed to work with simple and complex sites and can be fully tailored to individual client requirements.

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