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Custom Application Design

Quality Assurance and Testing

Just as no two businesses are identical, no two company’s website application design needs are the same. The unique needs of your business require custom solutions and methods specifically developed for your company’s business needs.

Website Application Design

Based in San Diego, California, Spicore Technologies is a reputed Website Development Company known for creating a specification and eCommerce Development plan for any Web based application, no matter how unique or complex. Our custom website application design practices are well documented and highly respected in the industry, as our portfolio is full of sophisticated projects that are tailor made for individual businesses.

Custom Application Design Methodology

Our project team works closely with clients during every step of the process to confirm that their Web portal design requests are met. We pride ourselves in creating final products that are not only technical and visual masterpieces - but they also fulfill the vision, needs, and desires of your business.

Based on the collective experience of our staff, Spicore’s custom application methodology ensures every project begins with a well-defined plan, and the final results are consistent and reliable. Spicore Technologies ’s eCommerce development methodology is a step-by-step process, with each step building upon each other.

We work closely with clients to understand their individual business logic. By conducting a detailed analysis of your specific goals, our Website Development Company ensures full comprehension of individual business needs. We then work with them through each step of the custom website application design process to ensure accuracy and client satisfaction.

Our Custom website application design process consists of six distinctive steps:

  • Define: At this stage, proper preparation and effective strategy are crucial. By working with clients to gather relevant business information, strategies, as well as a competitive analysis. Spicore defines business objectives and prioritizes achievable goals through eCommerce development.
  • Design: Our design process covers everything from visual design to information functionality. By creating navigational schemes and user flows based on audience type, Spicore’s Web portal design effectively communicates, reinforces, and enhances your existing brand.
  • Develop: From website design and Internet marketing to custom website application design; our eCommerce Development process is focused on our customer. The pieces we develop for you will be consistent with your exciting branding and will easily integrate into your current website design. We will also ensure that proper Web portal design usability practices are accounted for and that any 508 compliancy needs are met.
  • Test: Your business solutions must work in a variety of environments to be successful. Acquiring assistance with these adaptive measures is where our detailed testing procedures come into play. Spicore actually tests for compatibility by actually running your solution with new computers and software. We tirelessly test for accuracy and functionality with all of our custom application design projects.
  • Launch: All the work finally pays off when your digital masterpiece is finally unveiled on the web. After final testing and approval, Spicore launches your application to go live to the public. As a full service Website Development Company that continues support even after ideation, we provide all appropriate documentation and any product support that you may need.
  • Maintain: When everything is live, the work is not done. To stay current, web content must be maintained to provide the most well informed presentation possible. Stay on top with Spicore’s versatile Web portal design solutions; we analyze feedback and adapting our technique and procedures as our customer's situation changes. Our goal is to ensure the highest return on investment to you by creating the most effective application available for your business.

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