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Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click advertising is the most effective technique of Strategic Internet Marketing to get your site listed at the top of search engines. The management of this advertising is the key to getting the right return on your investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Managment Services

Pay per click, also known as AdWords, is an extremely successful advertising solution for your online business.

The rewards of having your own pay per click campaign(s) for your products and/or services means you can be placed on the same page or even choose to be listed above your competition for major keywords.

If you are unfamiliar with pay per click, let us take a look at the following comparison to explain how it works.

The Yellow Page Book used to be the most popular hard copy format for finding a company to provide you with a product or service. You would open the book to a specific category, i.e., plumber. Nine times out of ten, you would immediately begin calling the ads who were listed first.

These plumbers paid more for this advertising opportunity, and some also purchased a larger, bolded square or even added a picture to catch your eye. This advertising tactic worked, because they grabbed the majority of all plumbing business in their local area. This happened because most consumers did not call the 11th or 20th plumber listed on any of the following pages in the book.

The same theory applies to the search engines today. The Yellow Pages hard copy was the most popular book used by millions just a few years ago; however, Google is the most widely used online search engine directory by consumers today.

Again, when you type in the term, plumber, you immediately begin to click on ads appearing on the first page. It is very rare that anyone goes to the second page, and almost no one clicks through to the third page to find even more plumbers. This is because you usually find what you need from the ads appearing on the first page of Google.

Technology has given us an amazing outlet to get more business around the globe, yet it takes the best technical experience, expert search engine optimization and marketing skills to put together all of the facets needed for a successful, affordable pay per click campaign.

What do we offer to get you listed on the first page of Google?

  • - Experience
  • - Proven track record of success
  • - Discussion with you about your products, services and customers
  • - Internet search engine expertise and knowledge
  • - Competitors' background (web sites) and keyword terms fully researched
  • - Search engine optimization (SEO) analysis with recommendations for your web site
  • - Title tag, meta name description, keywords and additional targeted keywords provided to you in a document for optimized on-page content (for your web site's Home Page)
  • - Fully optimized keywords in multiple formats uploaded into your pay per click campaign(s) account (people type in words in different types of ways--we optimize for all of them)
  • - Multiple text ads written to lower your cost per click
  • - Multiple text ads written to attract the right buyers (call to action)
  • - Ads written for specific, highly targeted landing pages
  • - Keyword research of your entire market (which includes major [generic] keywords and long-tail keywords)
  • - Ads begin running immediately (within 15 - 30 minutes after we start your campaigns), so you know when to expect calls and/or e-mails
  • - Track record of success and satisfied client testimonials
  • - If desired (option recommended for continued success and keeping cost per clicks down), continued monthly pay per click optimization for campaigns at a reasonable price

You will receive a highly targeted and fully optimized pay per click campaign for your product and/or service, with set up costs comparable to a one-year ad in the Yellow Pages Book. Seventy per cent of the United States population uses the Internet to find your business, so it is worth the cost of advertising to reach them.

Companies who do not have a web presence will, in fact, statistically continue to lose money while the competition gets more business.

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At Spicore Technologies , our Search Engine Optimization services have worked with pay per click search engines from its inception, and have learned the pitfalls and successful actions with regard to PPC marketing.

Contrary to what some might believe, there are right and wrong ways to run a PPC campaign. Using the wrong approach to PPC advertising greatly lowers your conversion rates and greatly increases your cost per qualified lead. Most agents become frustrated and quit due to lack of time and knowledge. Using the Internet Marketing Services of Spicore for your PPC advertising provides you with a convenient, simple and cost effective method to market online at a reasonable cost.

Strategic Internet Marketing Programs

All of our Strategic Internet Marketing programs are designed to drive qualified buyers to your site, and this increased traffic is only the beginning. An imperative concern is the conversion of the casual visitor into a concrete lead. This arena allows our superiority in online marketing becomes clear. Spicore has devised different marketing programs, including Pay Per Click Management Services, Search Engine Optimization services, email advertising campaigns, and other Internet Marketing Services that increase conversion rates, directly adding to your cost per lead.

Using our San Diego headquarters as our hub of communications, our experienced team research and find the most productive keyword phrases to promote your site with our extensive Pay Per Click Management Services. Our Search Engine Optimization services strive to find the lowest cost per click terms. However, occasionally the least expensive is not always the best. Most businesses benefit from several phrases of Internet Marketing Services in order to get clicks from those people who are truly interested in what your site has to offer. There is a rule of thumb in the industry that one to two word phrases attract browsers, but three to four word phrases attract buyers.

Once we have selected the terms for Pay Per Click Managment Services, we open a PPC account for you at one or more of the PPC services. Spicore’s experts evaluate which position will be best, depending on the term and bid amount and get your site up under those terms. This whole process only takes approximately five business days from the time your order was received.

By managing your account daily, you ensure your terms receive the expected level of activity and cost remains within the set budget limits. You also receive monthly reports of click activity and cost for each search item.

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