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Website Project Management

Project Management

Our Internet consulting services include website project management geared towards helping your organization effectively utilize the Internet for your business needs. The effectiveness on our Internet consulting services comes from our understanding of both the technical side and business side of information technology.

Internet Project Management Services

Our Internet project management services are based on our understanding of your company’s current practices, economic factors and overall market share. We are experienced working with IT departments and can effectively communicate with your techies, managers, or executive officers. Our success is based on our understanding that your project must align with your current business processes, and that what our Internet project management services offer.

Internet Project Management Services

Our Internet project management services take responsibility for the management and coordinating of project from initial kick-off to final delivery. Our project managers will use their experience, best practice methodologies, and leadership to coordinate the specialists allocated for your project.

In the case of a website project management assignment, our consultants initiate the proper project specifications and allocation of resources. Planning is consistently be revised as we uncover a deeper understanding of your business and the objectives you want to achieve in your Internet venture. The final project plan is be presented during the final kick-off meeting, an exciting initiation to your Internet venture.

The website project management plan represents the final determinant of the resources allocated to the project. We schedule the tasks, and finalize a timeline. We break down the estimated man-hours needed per task, ensuring the necessary briefs are in place and preparing the work orders to lock down the resources.

As soon as we launch the project, we meticulously track every step of the project and guarantee we meet the time allocation and budgets that have been set.

Spicore Technologies ’s Roll

Our Internet consulting services ensure the success of your project by conducting the project analyses, preparation, project planning, final scheduling, budgeting and any necessary invoicing. Resources are allocated correctly, conduct tracking and reporting of processes, as well as provide internal and external reporting. Most importantly we will maintain a regular constant with both the project team and all necessary resources ensuring the project is finished on time and on budget.

The successful implementation of a web project, no matter the size, requires the effective coordination of several departments. When trying to communicate with multiple points of contact, IT, Design, and Content, our experience shows that the overall effectiveness of the project is greatly diminished. It’s therefore essential to the success of your project to ensure effective website project management services.

Please Contact Spicore for more information regarding our Internet consulting services and how we can secure your next project is a success.

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