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No matter how usable you think your website is, there will be visitors that find it difficult to navigate and find their way around your site. We provide qualitative or quantitative website usability studies and provide customer experience data to help you improve your website.

Improving Web Site Usability

FACT: Studies by Forrester Research estimate that approximately 50% of potential sales are lost from a site, as inexperienced users (as well as some experienced users) can’t find data. Add that 40% of users do not return to a site when their first visit is a negative experience, and first impressions and easy website usability become crucial aspects when creating a Website Design Company.

Does your Web Site Usability Consultant contribute to those numbers? Do they understand what a 508 compliant web design is? For a Custom website design to reach its full potential, it must provide a positive experience for the user. Website Usability consists of focusing the design and development efforts on the “end user”, as opposed to the system, its applications, or its aesthetic value alone. Website usability also focuses on utilizing practices such as functioning as a 508 compliant web design, whose standards insure accessibility for the widest range of potential visitors.

Take, for example, a beautifully designed website that routinely gives server errors. Or, a fantastic, database-driven application that has never been used due to the clutter of the site’s navigational architecture. In both cases, the independent elements of a website (like aesthetics and functionality) are obviously not enough to create effective website usability; this is the fault of a defective Website Design Company. Rather, it is the combination of several elements that makes a successful web site such as utilizing Custom website design featuring pertinent marketing copy, 508 compliant web design, and effective strategic marketing with Search Engine Optimization.

FACT: Research by User Interface Engineering, Inc., shows that people cannot find the information they seek on a web site about 60% of the time.

Simply including information on a web site does not guarantee customers will find the information they need, nor does it guarantee the ability to access it correctly. Improved website usability through Search Engine Optimization will help online visitors find the information they need; keep them returning to your site, and continually improve the potential for site revenue. Ensuring that the site is 508 compliant will ensure that it is most effectively indexed by the search engines and accessible to the widest audience. In fact if you plan on dealing with government contracts you maybe be required to prove that your website is a 508 compliant web design.

Spicore eBusiness Solutions has developed a free analysis tool to help businesses measure the user experience of their Web sites. Using several different methods, including parameter-based testing and Search Engine Optimization, we quantify the important elements of your Web site that contribute to a positive user experience. By creating a fact-based, visual representation of your company’s site that provides practical, easy-to-understand facts and recommendations, as well as comparisons with the sites of competitors, Spicore provides a complete profile of your business, shaped through your Custom website design. Also, each analysis details expert advice that is specially catered for your business.

The development of Custom website design, or the selection of the correct Web Site Usability Consultant, should not be taken lightly. With the jumble of misinformation and unskilled providers roaming the Internet, utilizing a firm with positive user experience capabilities, Search Engine Optimization expertise, sets your company’s Web site apart from the crowd and increase your bottom line.

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