software outsourcing services for small to medium sized enterprises.

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Spicore is a US based, privately owned, global provider of IT outsourcing services. Spicore was founded in 1995 out of San Diego, CA. We focus on maximizing the return of small and mid-sized enterprises from outsourcing and offshoring. We have extensive experience in managing large IT applications in real time as well as proving high value consulting services. Our unique onsite / offshore global delivery model is designed to provide the highest quality of service and ensure client satisfaction.

Spicore has a successful track record of building, operating and delivering innovative solutions for small and mid-sized organizations. We provide a proven business model for customers looking to leverage delivery capabilities across the globe. Our services provide our clients with a framework for outsourcing IT related services and providing the economies of scope and scale.

Let Spicore use our proven IT services to help you transform your small or mid-sized organization, with minimal risk and disruption. Give your business greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. Put your business in a position to thrive now and into the future.