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Offshore Dedicated Team

Having access to high-quality services at a cost-effective prices is one of the core benefits associated with IT outsourcing. Assuming you want access to specialized skills and services, allowing you to focus on your core business while saving money and time, building an offshore dedicated team may be the solution.

Our services allow you to save time and money while mitigating risk in your pursuit to build a offshore dedicated team. Our experience in the IT outsourcing industry allows us accurately estimate the types of amount of development resources necessary to achieve your desired results.

Managing offshore dedicated resources can overwhelm US project managers who are new to offshoring. Challenges such as handling teams across times zones, differences in cultures and language compound the lack of face to face interaction. Our services are not only designed to assemble the right offshore resources for your needs, but also help you create the relationship, communication and governance model necessary to succeed.

The goal of Spicore is to provide small to medium sized enterprise value every time because we select the best people and processes for each project using consultants or teams who can (i) understand all applicable business technical and legal issues, and (ii) translate that knowledge into advice and action that saves you time and money.