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Managed Outcome Services

Companies have traditional supported their internal IT based on a time and materials (T&M) model. This approach still has its place, but many organizations feel that they have maxed out their gains from this approach, and from simply relying on the labor arbitrage obtained via outsourcing providers.

To achieve the next threshold of value, small and mid-sized enterprises need to transform their staff augmentation relationship into managed outcome based relationships based on deliverables and service levels. By taking advantage of a partners superior technical capabilities, process and tools, organizations can achieve more value versus just pure rate arbitrage.

The transition from a T&M model to a managed outcome services model can be challenging and is fraught with challenges. Spicore can help you develop this approach to capture these benefits while minimizing risk.

Managed Outcome Services Engagement can help in several ways:

  • Cost benefits through efficiencies - Enterprises are able to leverage the development processes of its outsourcing partners to insist on process optimization and / or innovation.
  • Process Improvement - Many organizations are running their own internal development through an ad hoc approach when the outsourcing partner they are working with is a CMMi level 5 provider. Organizations can improve their own internal processes by leveraging the matures process and tools already in place with their outsourcing partner.
  • Improved Knowledge Management - A managed outcome relationship puts the onus on the provider to create a knowledge management program allowing your organization to retain and transfer critical knowledge.

The goal of Spicore is to provide small to medium sized enterprise value every time because we select the best people and processes for each project using consultants or teams who can (i) understand all applicable business technical and legal issues, and (ii) translate that knowledge into advice and action that saves you time and money.