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Data Integration Services

Organizations are looking for ways to further leverage data and expand analytic capabilities to optimize business efficiency and mitigate risk. Many data warehouse efforts miss the mark when it comes to true data integration, typically falling short by not thinking about the long-term creating systems that are not scalable and expensive to maintain.

An effective, scalable data warehouse needs to be carefully designed, include extendable data models and ensure an architecture is in place that supports well-structure, reusable ETL packages and share objects, services, and processes.

Spicore Technologies Data Integration Services help you develop an underlying infrastructure that provides integrated and high quality data to all your applications, business processes and people. We will work with both your business and IT groups to asses your particular data needs to identify areas for improvement and work with you to identify, transform and integrate your disparate data through data warehouses, and data marts.

With services ranging from conceptual design, architecture and maturity assessments to full-scale development and implementation, Spicore Technologies can help you design and deploy the systems necessary to capture, manage and deliver the appropriate information across your organization to help you make timely business decisions.