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Windows Mobile Application Development

We create big user experiences that are designed for mobile audiences and scaled for windows mobile devices. Whether rich applications to mobile networking, our mobile strategy and design solutions, can help you understand your specific business needs and formulate a mobility roadmap that will allow you to navigate through the ever changing mobile landscape and enable decisions based on industry standards and best practices.

Windows Mobile for Pocket PC carries these standard features in most of its versions:

  • Today Screen shows the current date, owner information, upcoming appointments, e-mail messages, and tasks.
  • Outlook Mobile comes with Windows Mobile.
  • Internet Explorer Mobile is an Internet browser developed by Microsoft for Pocket PC and Handheld PC that comes loaded by default with Windows Mobile and Windows CE for Handheld PC.
  • Windows Media Player for Windows Mobile.
  • Client for PPTP VPNs.
  • Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) which in mobile phones allows attached computers to share internet connections via USB and Bluetooth.
  • Coherent file system similar to that of Windows 9x/Windows NT and support for many of the same file types.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • The taskbar shows the current time and the volume.
  • Office Mobile a suite of Mobile versions of Microsoft Office applications.

In today's competitive marketplace, organizations need a trusted partner in order to successfully implement and manage IT needs. Whether you are looking for a service provider to fully outsource your Windows Mobile Application Development project too or simply need talented Windows Mobile Application developers to augment your current staff, Spicore can provide you the talent and expertise necessary to support your most complex IT initiatives.