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Java / J2EE Development

The Java Development Platform is a robust and powerful application development environment due to its efficiency, flexibility and interoperability. The Java platform is designed for running highly interactive, secure and dynamic applets and applications on networked computer systems. Our Java/J2EE development services cover all stages of the application development lifecycle including architecture, design and development, migration, testing and maintenance and support services.

Spicore Java Development services provide our clients an efficient and cost effective way to define and validate your solutions, assess the feasibility of design, develop a detailed architecture and project plan, develop and deploy the Java solution and provide ongoing application support and enhancements.

Features of Spicore's Java development services include:

  • N-tier Architecture
  • Agile Dynamic Language Package with Groovy and Grails
  • Implementation of Web services technologies using XML, SOAP WSDL Axis
  • Java Transaction Service and API (JTS, JTA)
  • Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)
  • JAVA Database Connectivity for Postgre, MySql, Oracle
  • Application Development Tools (Eclipse, Borland, JDeveloper, IntelliJ IDEA)
  • Enterprise Application Server Glassfish , Jboss , Tomcat , WebSphere and WebLogic
  • AJAX based Web Development with EXT-JS , Richfaces and DWR
  • Standalone Application Development in Swing
  • Development of presentation layer in JSP, Servlet, Velocity, Applet & HTML
  • General Purpose Modeling Language UML
  • Java Activation Framework (JAF)
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • JavaMailEnterprise Java Application Development with Spring , EJB and Hibernate
  • Web based Application Framework like Struts ,JSF , Wicket , GWT and Tapestry

In today's competitive marketplace, organizations need a trusted partner in order to successfully implement and manage IT needs. Whether you are looking for a service provider to fully outsource your Java/J2EE Development project too or simply need talented Java/J2EE developers to augment your current staff, Spicore can provide you the talent and expertise necessary to support your most complex IT initiatives.