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Application Modernization

Maintaining and supporting your Mainframe and legacy systems can be expensive and time consuming. The act of modernizing or re-engineering legacy systems, applications and databases can be a complex and risk filled process. Spicore has proven experience and expertise in helping small to mid-sized enterprises manage complex application migration and re-engineering projects.

Spicore application re-engineering will modernize legacy applications to enhance scalability, flexibility, reduce risk, minimize downtime and lower total cost of ownership. We can help you address legacy system issues such as multiple technology platforms, the rising cost of maintenance, lack of skilled resources in the marketplace, lack of integration and web enablement.

Spicore application modernization and re-engineering services are designed to help you leverage the right tools, methodologies, and template to create functionality rich systems that will meet your current and future business needs.

From aligning your specific IT needs with your business objectives, to an end-to-end strategy for leveraging IT outsourcing in your small to mid-sized enterprise, Spicore has the experience and expertise that you need.

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